Verdandy embodies the needs of style-conscious, modern men through comfortable fabrics, minimalist design and a considerate approach to our environment.




Pleasant fabrics and modern cuts provide comfortable wear and convey the feeling of freedom and ease. The Verdandy aesthetic is completed with concise design, making our jeans wearable everywhere –  from the office to the event.


Sustainability determines our actions and already starts at our doorstep. Hence, all Verdandy collections are produced in Europe by SEDEX and BSCI certified companies, no exceptions! – under fair conditions for people and the environment.


Verdandy combines many years of fashion and modeling experience with the needs of our customers. Through this successful combination, more than 9000 customers across Europe trust in our products.


Every man needs a (code of) conduct. And a men’s fashion label in any case.


Fashion is not a one-way street – Verdandy exclusively produces timeless all-
Season-Pieces, which will accompany you through many years. Not only our
design is sustainable and long-lasting, Verdandy produces and delivers exclusively according to guidelines that are in harmony with humankind and nature.

Social & Sustainable

Fair working conditions and wages are absolute must-haves for the selection of Verdandy suppliers. Our partner company in Istanbul complies with ethical standards and is BSCI-(Code of Conduct) and SEDEX (Transparent Supply Chain) certified. However, we still like to check on the on-site working conditions for ourselves by having a closer look during a personal visit to the production facilities.


Verdandy uses cotton from regulated cultivation. As a basic rule, we use only cotton that is free from harmful chemicals and dyes. Short transport routes and respectful handling of valuable resources resources such as water are a matter of course for us. Our partner company in Turkey uses modern production facilities, which consume only small amounts of water, moreover the proximity to the Verdandy headquarter in Vienna results in minimal delivery distances. In this way, we ensure our positive environmental and CO2 footprint.


By 2022 we will be completely “green” and GOTS certified! In the future we want to use only “organic cotton”, natural fibers and recycled polyester for the production of the most comfortable jeans in the world.

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