The team

Martin Pichler

Manuel Rauner

The triangle

Three outstanding elements decisively influence the fashion of Verdandy and make the triangle an important part of our company logo.


Special fabrics convey a unique feel-good factor and make our slogan “For that good-looking feeling” tangible. Verdandy always strives to combine innovation with aesthetics and a tangible experience. Thus, the trousers of the Verdanyms series offer the latest production technology undreamt of freedom of movement and are all-round companions in a variety of situations.


Simple Design brings out the pure and unadulterated aspect of our fabrics and makes the look versatile.
Clever details enhance the models and make Verdandy a personal experience. Named after gods of Norse mythology, each model tells its own story, which is also hidden in every piece of clothing.


Cleverly guided color contrasts give each model its own stylish character and, in reference to Verðandi’s fateful threads, can be found in hems, embroidery and other details. The colors used reflect the versatility of life. Particular attention is paid to the special double seams of the VERDANYMS.

The mythology

Verdandy has meanings of different origins that could not be more apt for our fashion.

The name

Verðandi is the Nordic fate goddess of the present and symbol of creative power. Together with her sisters Urd and Skuld, she spins the thread of destiny of every human being. While her sisters determine past and future, Verðandi is the embodiment of the moment. It reminds us to enjoy every moment of life with passion and joy and to take fate fearlessly into our own hands.

Like threads of fate, which shimmer in different colors and intertwine with others, are also found in the fashion of Verdandy threads of different color and luminosity. Aesthetically associated with high quality fabrics, they give each piece of identity and character.

When spoken, the wording recalls “Wear Dandy” and refers to the simple and subtle style of a dandy who remains undeterred by the crowd, remaining true to himself.

The logo

Created from the first letters of the first two syllables, the triangle stylized V symbolizes the three basic elements of Verdandy:


  • comfort
  • minimalism
  • contrast

Adopted from the original spelling, the Old Norse lowercase letter ð [eth] underlines and reinforces the sense of origin, authenticity and independence.

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