The mythology

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the Name

Verðandi is the Norse Fate of the present and is a symbol of creative power. Literally her name means "Becoming". Together with her sisters Urd and Skuld, she spins the threads of destiny.
While her sisters represent past and future. Verðandi is Carpe Diem incarnated, reminding us to live life with passion and joy, that we should not afraid to take control of our own destiny.

Represented by our threads of contrasting colours, thickness and luminosity, threads of destiny run through the design of our brand, thus giving each one of our products an independent identity and character.

the Logo

Created from the initials of the first two syllables, V represents the stylised triangle of Verdandy and thus the three comprising essentials:

 - Comfort
 - Minimalism
 - Contrast

The original ancient Norse spelling with the lowercase ð [ɛð], symbolises an awareness of origin, authenticity and autonomy, a trait that runs through Verdandy clothing.